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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Have you tried Kahoot?

I ran across a pretty neat little tool online that creates interactive quizzes for your classroom.  You can sign up and try it for free here:

Most students have phones in class these days and this website is designed for that to be an advantage.  You project your quiz for the class with a projector and the class can all answer questions using their phones.  It gives you as a teacher some insight as to whether or not the students are learning the things you are teaching.

In orchestra, I don't do many multiple choice quizzes, but I do see some uses for Kahoot.  I created a quiz to teach the parts of the instrument using pictures that I took using my iPad.  I think students would enjoy learning the parts of their instruments with this tool.  You can check out the quiz I made here:

You can try the quiz yourself, but you need 2 devices.  You run the quiz on your computer and when it gives you the code you go to on your phone and you answer the questions from your phone.

It was super easy to make and it only took a few minutes.  I also like that the site offers a database of tons of quizzes that other teachers have created so that you can find things you can use without making something yourself.  It's worth checking out!

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