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Monday, July 14, 2014

How to use GradeCam for your Playing Tests:

I've noticed a great deal of response on my last post about GradeCam.  I decided to share with you some screen shots so that you can set up a playing test (rubric style) using GradeCam.  You can use my playing test form if you like by purchasing the download HERE, or you can just make your own.

First, set up a free GradeCam account (refer to my last GradeCam post).    This account is always free if you are ok with just 10 questions or less on your tests.  This works out just fine for me because my playing tests only have 7 questions.

Once you are logged in, click on 'CREATE' under the Assignments tab.

 Under the "Create Assignment" screen, you can name your assignment, put "7" for the number of questions (if you are using my playing test form) and you can change the date for the assigment.  Next click DONE.

You will now need to configure your answer sheet. Be sure that every questions is check-marked and then click on the button that says "Type."

Click on "MORE..."

Click on "Rubric" and customize the values as noted in the picture below:

Now you can print the form to use on your own playing test form or to make the settings compatible with my playing test form.  Click on "Forms"

 Click on the little gear button and change the student ID to use 4 digits.

Now you can print the form to your printer, or save it as a picture to embed on your own grading sheet.

You are now ready to scan!  Select your class and simply hold up a filled-out answer sheet to the camera on your ipad or computer.  It's pretty awesome!

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