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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Another Bow Game/Exercise Idea - using canning rings or glow stick bracelets

There is another bow game that is fun for students to try.  All you need are some canning rings.  Students move the bow up and down through the ring, trying not to touch the edges.  It takes a great deal of control and concentration in order to not let the bow touch the ring.  I don't have very many canning rings, so I like to do this game with glow stick bracelets.  Our local grocery store carries 50 count packages of glow stick bracelets for only $4.00 and it is fun for students to try this game with the lights dimmed.  This is a good bow game to do when your students start getting tired of all the regular bow exercises that you do every day and the glow sticks liven things up a bit.

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