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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My first day of school - lesson plan/agenda

Today was my first day of school and it was so awesome and fun!  I really love teaching and I am happy to be back to school.

I thought I would share my lesson plan/agenda for my first day.  I decided to do way less class business and have a little more fun.  Students are learning rule after rule in other classes, so I decided to focus on one main procedure that I feel is vitally important in my class - being immediatly quiet when I am in front of the room and giving me full attention.  We worked on just that one rule and procedure in each of my classes - then we did the fun stuff.

I did use my first day activity that I made on  Here is the link:

There were not many students who had phones to use for the Kahoot, and I let students take turns on my own phone.  The rest of the students answered the questions by moving to a corner of the room that was labeled according to the choices for the Kahoot questions.  I made these little signs for each corner:

I really liked to have the students move around the created lots of energy and excitement for my class and many students told me that my class was the only one that did anything fun.

To get the beginning students even more excited, I taught them how to hold the bow using pencils... and they enjoyed that.  I told them that their homework was to make 10 perfect pencil bow holds in their next class.


  1. Angela, I have just signed up to receive your emails, etc. and wondered if there is a way to use your Kahoot, just as you have it - it is Awesome!!!

    1. I think my Kahoot is posted as public - that means you should be able to use it. Does the link not work?