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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Using marshmallows to ease tension in the left hand

Marshmallows come in super handy in orchestra class...who knew?  You can use them for the Marshmallow Game!  One problem many students have with their left hand is tension and squeezing.  To bring this to the attention of the students, give each student a marshmallow.  Make sure you tell them that they can't eat it!  During warm-ups, have students place the marshmallow directly under their left thumb.  Their job is to now make it through the warm-ups without squishing the marshmallow against the fingerboard.  The student with the most plump looking marshmallow after playing warm-ups is the winner.  It takes a great deal of concentration for some students to not squeeze with their thumb and the marshmallow helps students to remember to focus on the thumb through the entire exercise.  You should give it a try - students like this!  Plus, they get to eat a marshmallow when they are all done.


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  2. Hi! I love your blog! I have a violin teaching blog too and it's in french. I love your ideas and I was wondering if I could translate some of your ideas in french for my readers! I could also use your pictures if you don't mind. I would obviously put you in reference. Thanks! Maryse

    1. Yes, but please put in the reference where the ideas/pictures came from. Thanks!